The 'Whitey' Bulger Trial: Live Sentencing Updates

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The Sentencing:

Bulger Victims Get Their Day Of Reckoning

Bulger refused to look at his victims’ family members. But when Steven Davis took the stand -- that changed.

The Verdict:

Bulger Found Guilty Of Racketeering, Murder

After five days of deliberation, the jury has found notorious Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger guilty of conspiracy and racketeering- including 11 murders.


Verdict Diminishes Bulger's Outsized Image

08/13/2013: Bulger, who replaced Osama Bin Laden after he was slain at the top of the FBI's ten most wanted list, is heading to prison for the rest of his life.


Reaction To The Verdict

08/12: Victims' families, Bulger's lawyers and more share their reactions to the verdict.


Relive The Trial, Tweet By Tweet

08/13/2013: Read WGBH News reporters' live updates from the trial.

Archived Sentencing Updates:

Ongoing Coverage:


Key Issues That Jurors Are Considering

Greater Boston looked at some of the key issues that jurors have been considering after 35 days of testimony.


Waiting Game For Families Of Bulger's Alleged Victims

Over the past two months these families have gotten to know each other sitting side by side in courtroom 11.


Bodies Of Evidence: What The Jury Saw

The evidence is a slice of life going back more than 50 years, conjuring a wisp of nostalgia for a simpler era.


Jury Instructions Get Complicated On Third Day

Confused? That's because the law in question is inherently confusing - which might explain why the jury is taking so long.


Deliberations Stretch Into Third Day

A series of discussions over an undisclosed issue ignited confusion and speculation over the trial's outcome.


Jurors To Begin Deliberating Fate Of 'Whitey' Bulger

Judge Denise Casper’s instruction to the jury was simple: “Keep an open mind.”


Bulger Won't Take Stand, Jury To Get Case Tuesday

James "Whitey" Bulger announced he would not take the stand in dramatic fashion Friday.


Bulger Makes Defiant Last Stand Before Judge

“I’m making the choice involuntarily because I don’t feel ... I feel that I’ve been choked off"


Bulger: 'I Didn't Get A Fair Trial'

Bulger will not testify in his defense in his own trial, but he still made himself heard Friday as he angrily denounced the trial.


Bulger Defense Dodges Question Of Testimony

Bulger's defense team refused to say whether or not he'll take the stand.


Nee's Non-Testimony Outshines Witnesses

Pat Nee — an avowed former criminal from South Boston — walked out of court without testifying.


Witnesses Aren't Helping Bulger Defense

Fitzpatrick seemed less like a hero than a serial liar, a fabricator and embellisher whose grasp on truth is shaky.


Pat Nee Testimony a Point of Contention in Bulger Trial

Lawyers for Bulger asked Judge Denise Casper to allow a former Winter Hill Gang member to testify on Bulger’s behalf.


Defense Chips Away At Flemmi's Credibility

Hank Brennan stretched his assault on the credibility of Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi into a fourth day.


The Myth of James 'Whitey' Bulger

Bulger in the 1970s and 80s had a reputation that was both fearsome and simultaneously altruistic.


Defense Paints Flemmi As Liar, Murderer, Pedophile

Hank Brennan, defense lawyer for James "Whitey" Bulger, continued his virtuoso cross-examination of Stephen Flemmi.


Emotion, Sordid Detail Mark Flemmi's 3rd Day On Stand

The day started with an outburst, and ended with Stephen Flemmi’s sexual relationship with his stepdaughter.


Questions Loom Over Stephen Rakes' Death

The Middlesex DA confirmed Thursday morning that the body found a few feet off Mill Street in Lincoln was Stephen Rakes.


Flemmi: Bulger Made Me Kill Debra Davis

Compared with Flemmi’s debut yesterday, much of today’s testimony was rather understated.


Outspoken Bulger 'Victim' Found Dead

Stephen Rakes, who was at one point expected to be a key witness in the trial of James "Whitey" Bulger, was found dead.


Flemmi Says He And Bulger Were FBI Informants

Stephen Flemmi and Bulger hadn’t seen each other in years – and their reunion Thursday wasn’t a happy one.


3 Highlights From Wednesday

We'll identify three key takeaways from the trial proceedings, to cut through the minutiae.


Watch Whitey Bulger Curse Out Kevin Weeks

Since cameras aren't allowed in federal court, WGBH News had to find alternative means to present Tuesday's fireworks.


Gory Testimony May Not Help Bulger Prosecution

We heard minute descriptions of the paths traveled by bullets as they entered victims' bodies.


Kevin Weeks, Critical To Prosecution, Testifies

Weeks led police to the graves of several victims, and made a direct connection between Bulger and two murders.


Ex-Bulger Aide Kevin Weeks Takes Stand

Bulger's former partner Kevin Weeks, often described as Bulger's "surrogate son," took the stand this morning.


Morbid Laughs Carry the Day at Bulger Trial

In one recording, Bulger and his brother Jackie made light about the murder of bar owner Eddie Connors.


Disgraced Ex-FBI Agent Asks Forgiveness

John Morris offered an emotional apology to Halloran's family as they sat in court.


Defense Skewers EX-FBI Agent John Morris on Cross

Morris spent much of the morning admitting to lying, approving false reports, accepting bribes, and heavy drinking.


Defense Pokes Holes in Whitey Bulger's Informant File

The defense used its cross of James Marra to introduce Bulger's 700-plus-page FBI file.


Letdown In Bulger Trial

We expected to get testimony from John Morris, who ran the Boston FBI during many of the years Bulger allegedly ran amok.


Whitey Bulger Admonished After Profane Outburst

At one point in John Morris's testimony, Bulger apparently snapped at him, "You're a [bleeping] liar."


Victims' Relatives Testify in Court

Family members of James "Whitey" Bulger's alleged victims gave testimony in court, leaving one juror in tears.


Martorano Testimony Helps Bolster Case Against Bulger

The jury heard three days of machine gunnings, stabbings and precision hits on mob foes and unlucky by-standers.


Victim Testimony Packs Emotional Punch at Bulger Trial

The day opened with testimony from a woman in a car mistakenly riddled with bullets by John Martorano.


Bulger Defense Wins Style Points on Martorano Cross

A few of us who'd been watching the defense's cross of John Martorano were raving about Hank Brennan's performance.


The Key Witness: Who Is Hitman John Martorano?

A former hit man who admitted to killing 20 people during his organized crime career took the stand.


A Look Back at Bulger's Associates and Victims

Greater Boston presents a 40-minute special on Bulger's crime spree, the people who protected him, and his victims.


Defense Says Whitey Bulger Was Never Informant

The prosecution and the defense squared off in an attempt to define the 83-year-old mobster accused of murdering 19 people.


Notes From The [Chaotic] Courtroom

Given that opening statements haven't even occurred yet, the scene in the trial today was almost shockingly dramatic.


Could You Be A Juror On The Bulger Trial?

Take an early version of the questionnaire taken by prospective jurors.


How The Court Will Pick Jurors for the Trial

How will the court determine the jury of 12 peers from the millions of Massachusetts residents who qualify for jury duty?


What to Expect from Day 1 of the Trial of Whitey Bulger

The South Boston gangster is accused of murdering 19 people during a crime reign spanning several decades.