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4:13 pm
Tue May 13, 2014

Bill Would Increase Access To Drug, Alcohol Treatment

The Massachusetts Senate passed a bill Tuesday afternoon that would increase access to drug and alcohol treatment.  

The bill requires commercial insurance companies to cover 21 days of detox. Patients with Mass Health, the state’s Medicaid program, would get a bit less - 15 days.

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4:00 am
Fri March 28, 2014

The True Costs Of The Bay State’s Painkiller Epidemic

Credit Wikimedia Commons

As the recent, untimely deaths of actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith show, abuse of prescription drugs such as oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin is a lethal problem in the United States. The human and economic toll is significant, not just in terms of lives ruined and lost, but also in driving up health care and criminal justice costs and reducing productivity in the workplace.

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Local News
6:35 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

Governor Declares Painkiller Crisis

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick declared a public health
emergency today in response to the state's growing problem with heroin
and other opiod addictions.

"At least 140 people died  of suspected overdoses over the last months
in Massachusetts .  Levels previously unseen."

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Local News
7:36 am
Wed February 19, 2014

Narcan 'Brings People Back From The Dead'

In this Tuesday Feb. 27, 2012 photo, Kathy Deady holds up a tube of Naloxone Hydrochloride, also known as Narcan, in her Quincy, Mass., home.
Credit (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The recent death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman renewed the focus not just on heroin, but on the cheap, easy access more people have to this deadly drug. This week WGBH puts a focus on heroin abuse in our area.

Pat Byrne works at the Lynn Multi Service Center dealing with homeless men and women, and an endless stream of junkies.

Pat has never had an addiction himself, but says his son Jamie took up heroin 20 years ago as a college student.

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Local News
8:15 am
Tue February 18, 2014

New Heroin Cheaper, More Accessible

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The recent death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman renewed the focus not just on heroin, but on the cheap, easy access more people have to this deadly drug. This week WGBH puts a focus on heroin abuse in our area.

Michael Miles is  a husky, hard boiled Lowell police officer.  More than 30 years on the force, he thought he’d seen it all.  Until this new heroin hit Merrimack Valley

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6:12 pm
Wed September 4, 2013

Why Is 'Molly' So Popular?

Pure Methylenedioxymethampethamine (MDMA)
Credit Psychonaught / Wikimedia

It's the one patron they try very hard to keep out.

That's what the owners of Boston's House of Blues said about the club drug Molly at a hearing at City Hall on Wednesday.  

The club defended itself after 19-year-old Brittany Flannigan fatally overdosed on the drug during a Zedd show last week. She was one of three at the club on August 27 that had overdosed on Molly, which is a purified for of MDMA, also known as ecstasy. 

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10:08 am
Fri August 23, 2013

Our Carb Addiction?

Dr. David Ludwig says processed carbohydrates stimulate the same parts of our brain as highly addictive substances like drugs and alcohol.
Credit rdpeyton / Flickr Creative Commons

Drugs, alcohol, nicotine…processed carbohydrates? Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children's Hospital says certain carbs affect our brains, much like addictive substances.

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