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City Bike Study Shows Rise In Ridership, Crashes

A city of Boston study shows bike ridership in the city increased as much as 28 percent.


Function Doesn't Trump Style For Boston Cyclists

Boston photographer Nathaniel Fink makes a habit of stopping other bikers he finds interesting.


Can A Louder Bike Horn Stop A Collision?

The project has raised more than $50,000 via a Kickstarter campaign.


Bike Helmet With Lights Displays Rider's Mood

An MIT researcher wanted to use EEG as a possible switching device for helmet lights.


A Short But Risky Bike Ride

Even as an experienced cyclist, Phillip Martin had some old habits he needed to break.


Taking Driver's Ed, With An Eye Toward Cyclists

How are drivers taught to interact with cyclists at driver's education classes?


Lessons From Arlington's Battle Over Bike Lanes

Mass Ave. needs improvements, but forming a plan to satisfy everyone has proved difficult.


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Bikers, Drivers Need To Share Right of Way

Callie Crossley notes there are real casualties in this war of sharp turns and sharp words.


WGBH News Poll Reveals Division Over ‘Right Of Way’

One out of three Massachusetts residents feel drivers and bicyclists interact safely.


1 Intersection, 4 Hours of Observations

Anne Mostue staked out a busy intersection to see how bicycles and cars interacted.