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7:00 pm
Wed May 20, 2015

Boston Olympics Concerns, Fixing America's Infrastructure Issues & Public Art On The Greenway

Greater Boston invited both sides for a debate on the Boston Olympics bid. Boston 2024 failed to provide someone, but Chris Dempsey of No Boston Olympics joins Jim Braude (@jimbraude) to share his concerns.

From jam-packed roadways and deteriorating bridges to broken down public transportation, most would agree that America's infrastructure has big problems. Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter's new book Move: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead, focuses on many of these issues. 

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is the site of a new public art installation called As If It Were Already Here. The woman behind it, Janet Echelman, joins Jim to share the story behind her vision.

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7:00 pm
Tue May 19, 2015

BPD Commissioner William Evans, Marathon Bombing Survivor Roseann Sdoia & Author David McCullough

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans joins Jim Braude (@jimbraude) to discuss the Tsarnaev verdict, police militarization and diversity.

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Roseann Sdoia shares her thoughts on the verdict as well, along with how she's moving forward and the road ahead.

His previous writings have earned David McCullough two Pulitzer Prizes, a National Book Award and a Presidential Medal of Freedom. McCullough joins greater Boston to discuss his latest book: The Wright Brothers, in which he reveals a behind-the-scenes story of the Wright brother's famous success.

7:00 pm
Mon May 18, 2015

Death Sentence: Legal Fallout, Argument To Bring Back The Firing Squad & Memorial For Sean Collier

Former Judge for the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts Nancy Gertner and former U.S. Attorneys for the District of Massachusetts Donald Stern and Michael Sullivan form our legal caucus and discuss the aftermath of the death sentence for Tsarnaev in Boston.

Kari Hong, an associate professor at Boston College and former criminal defense lawyer, recently wrote a controversial article for the Boston Globe entitled 'Bring Back The Firing Squad.' She joins Greater Boston to make her case.

MIT police officer Sean Collier was one of the four people killed by the Tsarnaevs. The school dedicated a permanent memorial to Collier and the MIT video productions unit produced a short documentary about its making. Part of that documentary can be seen in tonight’s show. If you'd like to watch the full video, you can find it here.

7:00 pm
Fri May 15, 2015

WATCH: Greater Boston Special On Tsarnaev Death Sentence Verdict

United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Carmen M. Ortiz, surrounded by law enforcement officials, speaks to members of the media after the death penalty verdict for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev outside the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston on Friday, May 15, 2015. Tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the 2013 Boston Marathon terror attack.
Credit AP Photo

Emily Rooney hosts a live, half-hour special on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's death sentence verdict. We start with a closer look at what exactly happened today in court with WGBH's Adam Reilly and Phillip Martin. Then Boston Marathon bombing survivor Karen Brassard and Carlos Arredondo, who helped rescue people at the finish line, offer their reactions to this verdict.

Next, there was a lot of legal-speak for this jury to wade through, all throughout the process — particularly in filling out the final, 24-page verdict form. We turn to Andrea Cabral, who was the state secretary of public safety when the bombings happened, Harvard Law Professor Ron Sullivan, and attorney Dan Small to talk about what comes next. 

Finally, Emily, who's been at the John J. Moakley courthouse most days, covering the Tsarnaev trial. She listened to more than 200 hours of testimony, ranging from the highly technical to the intensely emotional, and reflected on the experience.

In the days and weeks ahead here on WGBH 2, we’ll continue to examine all the issues surrounding this trial and the reactions, which are being deeply felt by many around the region.

7:00 pm
Thu May 14, 2015

Joshua Messier's Mother Speaks Out On Son's Death, Tsarnaev Jury Stumps Judge & Patriots Fight Back

When 23-year old Joshua Messier died while being restrained by guards at Bridgewater State Hospital more than six years ago, the Plymouth County District Attorney decided not to file charges. But last month, three of the guards involved were indicted by a statewide grand jury for involuntary manslaughter and civil rights violations. This week, a report that led to that jury’s decision — which included details from the medical examiner, who indicated the D.A. misrepresented her findings — was made public. Messier’s mother, Lisa Brown, and her lawyer, Eric MacLeish, sat down with Jim (@JimBraude) to talk about the investigation.

The jury deciding the fate of convicted marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spent its first full day deliberating. They asked the judge a few questions, one of which stumped him, briefly. Defense Attorney J.W. Carney, who represented James “Whitey” Bulger, and William Fallon, former Essex County prosecutor, debated which side made the winning case and where things stand now.

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady officially filed an appeal of his four-game suspension in the scandal known as "Deflategate" today. The Patriots also released a detailed response to the Wells ReportBen Volin (@BenVolin), NFL and Patriots reporter for The Boston Globe, joined Jim to assess the situation.

7:34 pm
Wed May 13, 2015

Tsarnaev's Fate In Hands Of The Jury, Boston 2024 Leadership Shuffle & Pops Conductor Keith Lockhart

The fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now in the hands of a jury.

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7:00 pm
Tue May 12, 2015

The Best Way To Fix The MBTA, George Mitchell's New Book & The Art Of Baseball Museum Exhibit

Everyone agrees the T needs fixing. But the governor and legislature have very different ideas on how it should be done. Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack (@Steph_Pollack) and Rep.

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7:00 pm
Mon May 11, 2015

Marathon Bombing Trial Testimony Ends, Charlie Baker's New Agenda And MIT's Annual Robot Competition

WGBH News' Emily Rooney (@EmilyRooneyWGBH) and Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) share the latest in the Tsarnaev trial after both the prosecution and the defense rested today. 

Gov. Charlie Baker (@MassGovernor) is a big supporter of The Base, a program founded by Robert Lewis Jrthat provides kids with baseball and education training. 

Is the age of humans versus robots finally upon us? Cristina Quinn (@cristinatquinn) of WGBH News brings us to the annual MIT Robot Competition for a look at the latest in robotics. 

7:00 pm
Thu May 7, 2015

Bobby Dellelo: The Truth About Solitary, Tsarnaev Trial Update And The DeflateGate Scandal

Get your daily Tsarnaev trial update from WGBH News' Adam Reilly(@reillyadam).

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7:00 pm
Tue May 5, 2015

Tsarnaev Trial Update, Marty Meehan Named UMass President and Joshua Messier: 6 Years Later

WGBH News' Emily Rooney(@EmilyRooneyWGBH) and Adam Reilly(@reillyadam) have all the latest from the Tsarnaev trial.

UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan discusses his past achievements as well as the challenges that he'll face as the new president of the UMass system. 

In 2009, 23-year-old Joshua Messier was pronounced dead after state prison guards attempted to subdue him using a technique sometimes known as 'suitcasing.' Now six years later, three guards who were involved in the incident are being charged with involuntary manslaughter and civil rights violations. But why has it taken so long for charges to be filed? Joining Jim to discuss this issue is Eric MacLeish, the attorney who’s been representing Messier’s family. 

7:00 pm
Mon May 4, 2015

Tsarnaev Cries In Court, 6 Police Officers Charged In Baltimore & David Brooks' New Book

With his life on the line and his relatives on the stand, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shows emotion for the first time during the ongoing Marathon Bombing trial. WGBH News' Emily Rooney(@EmilyRooneyWGBH) and Adam Reilly(@reillyadam) give a first hand account of today's court proceedings. (Starts at 0:41)

Former Mass Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral, former judge for the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts, Nancy Gertner and former Essex County prosecutor, Bill Fallon form our legal caucus. They discuss the six police officers being charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and give some perspective on the Tsarnaev trial. (Starts at 6:07)

New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks(@nytdavidbrooks) joins Jim Braude(@jimbraude) to discuss his new book, The Road to Character. (Starts at 16:19)

7:00 pm
Thu April 30, 2015

Robert Fitzpatrick: Back In Court, Same-Sex Marriage And Autism Awareness Month

Retired FBI Supervisor, Robert 'Bob' Fitzpatrick has been indicted, accused of lying under oath during the James 'Whitey' Bulger trial in 2013. WGBH New's Adam Reilly(@reillyadam) has the story.

36 states and D.C. have legalized same sex marriage. The Supreme Court will now decide if the federal constitution reflects this notion, nation wide. Former Chief Justice Margaret Marshall and Former Attorney General Martha Coakley(@marthacoakley), who filed the first successful challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act, share their views.

April is Autism awareness month. Joining the show to share their expertise on the subject are Medical Director of the Lurie Center for Autism at Massachusetts General Hospital, Doctor Ann Neumeyer and Director of the Autism Spectrum Disorder program in Pediatric Psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Doctor Gagan Joshi

7:00 pm
Wed April 29, 2015

Tsarnaev Update, Boston's Response To Nepal Earthquake & Kelly Beatty Of Sky And Telescope Magazine

Emily Rooney(@EmilyRooneyWGBH) and Adam Reilly(@reillyadam)of WGBH News have the latest in the ongoing Tsarnaev trial. (Starts at 0:42)

It's less than a week since the earthquake that has killed approximately 5200 people struck Nepal. President of the Nepali Student Association at UMass Boston, Anamol Gurung, who also has family in Nepal; director of global disaster response at Massachusetts General Hospital, Doctor Hilarie Cranmer and global practice associate professor at Boston College’s school of social work, Tiziana Dearing join the show to discuss Boston's response to the Nepal Earthquake tragedy and how you can help. (Starts at 5:42)

Kelly Beatty(@NightSkyGuy) of Sky and Telescope Magazine discussed the Hubble telescope's recent 25th Anniversary, the probe set to crash in to the planet Mercury, and the Russian spacecraft that was supposed to bring supplies to the International Space Station, but is now spinning out of control. (Starts at 14:14)

4:06 pm
Wed April 29, 2015

Armenian Genocide's 100-Year-Old Debate, Tsarnaev, Hubble's 25th Anniversary And Police Brutality

WGBH News' Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) bring us the latest in the Tsarneav trial as the prosecution rests its case. (Starts at 0:50)

100 years ago, 1.5 million Armenians were killed. Was this a genocide? The debate lives on. The founder of the Turkish-Armenian Women's Alliance, Gonca Sonmez-Poole (@GoncaSonmezP), and the co-chairman of the Armenian Assembly of America, Anthony Barsamian, discuss the ongoing issue. (Find the full statement from the Turkish Consul General in Boston, as well as one from the Turkish Prime Minister, here.) And learn more about The Massachusetts Committee to Commemorate the Armenian Genocide here. (Starts at 05:17)

Police brutality has caused a lot of unrest around America in recent months. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone (@JoeCurtatone), Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera (@danrivera01843), and Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella discuss how to ensure similar issues do not occur in their communities. (Starts at 13:30)

The Hubble Telescope is celebrating its 25th anniversary in space, and NASA has released its latest anniversary photo. Jim Braude shares interesting facts about this incredible feat of science and engineering. (Starts at 23:48) 

7:00 pm
Mon April 27, 2015

Tsarnaev Trial, Witness To Execution, Transgender Acceptance & No Justice For DJ Henry

Get a closer look at the defense strategy for saving Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s life from WGBH's Adam Reilly(@reillyadam) and Emily Rooney. (Starts at 0:45)

In 2001, then Washington Post reporter Peter Slevin (@peterdslevin) watched Juan Raul Garza, a convicted drug trafficker and murderer, be put to death by lethal injection. Now an associate professor at Northwestern University and author of Michelle Obama: A Life, Slevin gave his perspective on the death penalty. (Starts at 6:02)

In an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner brought a great deal of attention to the transgender community by saying that he's a woman. Chair-emeritus of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, Nancy Nangeroni, and executive director at the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, Mason Dunn, shared their insight. (Starts at 11:24)

In 2010, DJ Henry was shot and killed by officer Aaron Hess while trying to park his car. A grand jury declined to indict Hess for the murder, and now, four and a half years later, the Justice Department determined there was not enough evidence to pursue charges. Angella and Danroy Henry (@AngellaHenry12), DJ's parents, offered their side of the story. (Starts at 18:04)

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Local News
1:00 am
Thu April 23, 2015

'Why Not Classical Music In The Homeless Shelter?'

Julie Leven, left, plays with Shelter Music.
Credit Stephanie Leydon / WGBH News

As she does before any concert, Julie Leven practices.

And practices some more.

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7:00 pm
Wed April 22, 2015

Holding Cell Footage Of Tsarnaev, Suffolk University Poll Results And Jack & Suzy Welch's New Book

A new Suffolk University poll has the results of what the people of Massachusetts have to say about Gov. Charlie Baker, the 2024 Boston Olympics and the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Centre, David Paleologos(@davidpaleologos) discusses his team's findings. (Starts at 0:38)

The prosecution against Tsarnaev had shown a still picture of the man giving the middle finger to a surveillance camera in his holding cell three months after the Boston Marathon Bombing. This was said to prove Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is 'unrepentant.' Then the defense released the full version which paints a very different picture. Former Romney advisor, Charlie Chieppo, former State Treasurer, Shannon O’Brien, former State Treasurer and Op-Ed Columnist for The Boston Globe, Dante Ramos(@danteramos) join the discussion on this topic and more. (Starts at 7:56)

Ultimate power couple Jack(@jack_welch)and Suzy Welch(@SuzyWelch) joined greater Boston to discuss their new book, 'The Real-Life MBA.' (Starts at 18:46)

7:00 pm
Tue April 21, 2015

The Penalty Phase Of The Tsarnaev Trial, Hillary In New Hampshire & Project Step

The Marathon Bombing trial has entered the sentencing phase and has brought with it more protesters than we’ve seen at any point during the trial. Emily Rooney(@EmilyRooneyWGBH) of WGBH News was in the court house and shares an insider's scoop. (Starts at 0:42)

Former director of The Public Defender Service for D.C., Ron Sullivan, Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Donald Stern and former prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice, Dan Small also weighed in on the Tsarnaev Trial. (Starts at 5:35)

Hillary Clinton has wrapped up her first trip to New Hampshire as a 2016 Presidential candidate. Adam Reilly(@reillyadam), reporter for WGBH News was in Concord and provides a first-hand look into Clinton's campaign. (Starts at 15:24)

In orchestras across the country, you’ll see very little diversity amongst the musicians. Project Step is a Boston based program that is trying to change this. Executive arts editor for WGBH, Jared Bowen (@JaredWGBH) shared their story. (Starts at 20:38)

7:00 pm
Thu April 16, 2015

1968 Marathon Winner, Gov. Baker's First 100 Days And Drunken Shakespeare

The Boston Marathon is a tradition that began 119 years ago. In 2015, 30,000 athletes will run the 26.2-mile race. The 1968 Boston Marathon champion, Amby Burfoot (@exerscience), discusses the upcoming race. (Starts at 0:48)

Gov. Charlie Baker's performance during his first 100 days in office has left some skeptical about his abilities. Former commissioner of social security, Mike Astrue (@amjuster), Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung (@leung) and Democratic media consultant Dan Payne (@payneco) assess his wins and losses as governor of Massachusetts. (Starts at 6:30)

WGBH Arts Editor Jared Bowen (@JaredWGBH) helps Jim Braude get more involved in the Boston arts scene by taking him to a shocking Shakespeare comedy. Here is the link Jim refused to name: (Starts at 19:50)

7:00 pm
Wed April 15, 2015

WATCH: Marathon Bombing: 2 Years Later, Law Enforcement, Civilians And Victims Reflect

Two years to the day after the Marathon Bombings, Boston reflected on the tragic events of that day and on how the city has moved forward with a new tradition, celebrating the city's resilience and generosity.

Race planner for Spartan Race Inc. and Marathon Bombing witness Dan Soleau(@dansoleau) is joined by another witness and runner in the 2013 Boston marathon, Dr. Natalie Stavas(@nataliestavas), to describe the events and their experiences on that day. (Starts at 3:49)

Author of 'Boston Strong', Casey Sherman(@caseysherman123), former Massachusetts secretary of public safety, Andrea Cabral and Watertown Police Department Chief Edward Deveau discuss the capture, conviction and prosecution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (Starts at 10:26)

Reporter Craig LeMoult(@clemoult) tells us about a new effort to help victims restore hearing they lost when the bombs went off, and Emily Rooney (@EmilyRooneyWGBH) remarks upon the changes she has seen to the Boston marathon over the past two years. (Starts at 21:49)


9:14 am
Wed April 15, 2015

WATCH: Bill McKibben, Son Of Harvard, Takes His Climate Change Fight To World's Richest University

Bill McKibben at Harvard Yard.
Credit Mallory Noe-Payne / WGBH News

Many of Harvard's students, alumni, faculty and staff have set up blockades outside President Drew Faust’s offices with the goal of getting the university to stop investing in fossil fuels. Harvard isn't the first campus to be the site of such a protest: MIT had one just last week, as did Boston College. But Harvard's is gaining a lot of attention because of the prominence of the school and the involvement of one grad in particular, Bill McKibben.

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7:13 pm
Tue April 14, 2015

New Police Misconduct Videos Fuel Debate Over Mandatory Body Cameras

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve no doubt seen several high-profile videos showing police misconduct. The fact that those incidents were captured on police body cameras is fueling the debate over whether all officers should be required to wear them.

7:00 pm
Tue April 14, 2015

The Divestment Debate, Police Caught On Camera & Lincoln: 150 Years Later

Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) has led the charge against the Keystone XL pipeline, and now he's taken his climate fight to Harvard. (Starts at 0:44)

Are officers behaving in a deadly fashion the tipping point in the debate over police body cameras? Boston Herald columnist Jennifer Braceras (@MAHockeyMom), former State Senator Warren Tolman (@warrentolman) and Collete Phillips Communications president Collette Phillips (@ColettePhillips) weigh in. (Starts at 8:25)

150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater in Washington. Historical fiction writer William Martin (@Martinbooks) talks about “what if.” (Starts at 19:39)

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11:23 am
Tue April 14, 2015

All-Women Caucus On Hillary Clinton & Frank Bruni On College-Admission Madness

Hillary Clinton is in it to win it, again. Our all-woman caucus weighs in: WGBH News' Margery Eagan, political analyst Kelly Bates, and Jennifer Nassour, former chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. (Starts at 0:44)

The New York Times’ Frank Bruni talks about the madness that is the college admissions process and responds to former Congressman Barney Frank's criticism of his criticism. (Starts at 13:20)

We’ll walk with some Quakers, going deep against a proposed natural gas pipeline. (Starts at 21:53)

Hear Jim out on why Gov. Charlie Baker might be keeping the door open for a tax increase. (Starts at 25:22)

11:33 am
Mon April 13, 2015

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Deal With Lingering, Invisible Injury: Tinnitus

Dave Fortier was about to finish his first marathon.

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4:43 pm
Fri April 10, 2015

Boston's Opiate Crisis: 6 Months After The Closure Of Long Island

Six months ago, the closure of Long Island's treatment center and shelter left nearly 700 people without a place to go. In Boston, the opiate and addiction crisis is far from over. 

"I get sixty phone calls a day, in a women's treatment program I have in Boston, for one bed available a day," said Victory Programs President Jonathan Scott.

Hand Delivered Help founder Lynnel Cox, whose son had been receiving treatment on Long Island when it abruptly closed, joined the discussion.