5:11 am
Thu January 3, 2013

From the WGBH Archives: Young Barney Frank Appears on 'Club 44' in 1976

Then-state Rep. Barney Frank appears on Club 44 in 1976.
Then-state Rep. Barney Frank appears on Club 44 in 1976.
Credit WGBH Archives

Long before YouTube and 24-hour cable news, WGBX-TV produced a program called "Club 44." Even by today's standards, the setting was unique -- on Friday nights, the Brighton studio was converted into a pop-up nightclub with a live audience.

On U.S. Rep. Barney Frank's last day in office, we present a 1976 clip from the WGBH Archives, when then-state Rep. Barney Frank appeared on "Club 44" to defend Boston's Combat Zone:

(Having trouble with this video? Click here to watch Barney Frank on Club 44 in 1976.)

"We're now faced in the city of Boston with a very serious problem," Frank said over raucous music and nightclub chatter. "We're confronting the question whether or not, with an understaffed police force, with a tax rate that's going up over the roof, we can make this city safe for the voyeurs from Wellesley."

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