4:00 pm
Mon October 28, 2013

The Scrum: John Connolly And The L-Word

John Connolly, left, joined Jim and Margery for a final interview before Tuesday's election. Marty Walsh, right, will appear on BPR Monday.
John Connolly, left, and Marty Walsh disagree at the WGBH Boston Mayoral Debate.
Credit WGBH News

Boston mayoral candidate John Connolly has downplayed his work as a corporate lawyer during his campaign for City Hall, instead focusing on his work as a teacher.

WGBH News political analyst David Bernstein said he thinks it's a non-issue, but in a post on WGBH News' new political blog, The Scrum, our own Adam Reilly disagreed:

Problem is, education and ed reform haven't been Connolly's "life's work," at least as most people would define that phrase. Yes, Connolly spent a few years after college working as a teacher. And yes, he's been passionate about reforming Boston's education status quo, as a city councilor and throughout the current mayoral campaign. But after he stopped teaching, Connolly spent a hefty chunk of his life pursuing a career as a lawyer, attending law school at Boston College and then working as an attorney for 12 years. That's a big commitment — but on his campaign website, on the stump, and in interviews, Connolly either treats it as a parenthetical or doesn't mention it at all.