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6:00 pm
Sun January 5, 2014

New Year, New Mayor, New Boston? Under The Radar Previews 2014

Boston mayor-elect Marty Walsh
Boston mayor-elect Marty Walsh

On the eve of Marty Walsh's mayoral inauguration, Under the Radar with Callie Crossley took a broad look at the future of Boston. Will a new Boston emerge in this New Year with new leadership at City Hall? Are there factors that are critical to the success of a fresh start and new direction?



You can also hear the future of Boston.

Most of us are familiar with the Boston accent- we drop our "R's", use broad "A's", and go to the "packie" to get "tonic". Now Spanish speakers in Boston are beginning to form their own Boston accent- merging several Spanish dialects. We spoke with Daniel Erker, a professor of Spanish and linguistics at Boston Uniersity about how and why this is happening.

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