6:34 pm
Wed April 16, 2014

Marathon Bombing Victim Jeff Bauman Tells His Story

The photograph of a severely injured Jeff Bauman being rushed from the Boston Marathon finish line is one of the defining images of the bombings. Since then, he's joined sports heroes on the field and on the ice. While he’s reluctantly become the public face of the “Boston Strong” mantra, privately, Bauman’s endured painful procedures and grueling physical therapy.

The 28-year-old is one of two bombing victims who required a double amputation. He’s now learning to walk on prosthetics without the help of a cane and still struggles to sleep. While the past 12 months has been marked by tremendous ups and downs, Bauman is looking forward, leaving behind the year he became a victim of a crime and entering a new year, one in which he’ll become both a newlywed and a new father.

Jeff Bauman's memoir, "Stronger," was released on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Read an excerpt of the book on our website.