3:12 pm
Fri April 11, 2014

BPR: Scott Brown In NH, Ken Feinberg, Callie Crossley, Tax Cheats, Emily Rooney, Friday News Quiz

One Fund Boston administrator Kenneth Feinberg joined Jim and Margery to talk about how Boston Marathon bombing victims -- and the fund -- have fared in the past year.
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BPR 4/11/14

  • Scott Brown will run for US Senate in New Hampshire. WGBH reporter Adam Reilly was there for Brown's big announcement. He debriefed Jim Braude and Margery Eagan. (Starts at 1:00)
  • Ken Feinberg, administrator for the One Fund Boston, talked about what's happened with the fund since its establishment. (Starts at 13:30)
  • Callie Crossley talked about a new documentary about Anita Hill, a professor at Brandeis. Hill accused US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991. Callie also previewed her show Under the Radar, which airs Sundays at 6 PM. (Starts at 34:20)
  • Have you cheated on your taxes before? Have you ever fudged a figure to get just a little more money back? Jim and Margery opened the lines to hear what listeners would admit. (Starts at 53:46)
  • Emily Rooney talked about her Friday show Beat the Press, and offered another installment of Emily's List. (Starts at 1:12:32)
  • For the Friday News Quiz WGBH's Brian O'Donovan — host of A Celtic Sojourn — took on Tim Brennan from the Dropkick Murphys. (Starts at 1:32:33)

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