3:16 pm
Thu May 29, 2014

BPR: Edward Snowden, Art Caplan, Joe Avellone, Alex Beam, Jonathon Alsop

Edward Snowden spoke to Brian Williams on NBC Wednesday about whether he will return to the US. Jim and Margery discussed Snowden.
Credit thierry ehrmann / Flickr

  • NBC's Brian Williams interviewed Edward Snowden Wednesday night. Snowden posited that he was a spy for the US government, and that he remains a patriots. Others — like Secretary of State John Kerry — have a different opinion. Jim Braude and Margery Eagan opened the lines to ask listeners if Snowden should get amnesty, or face prison time.
  • Art Caplan — Director of the division of medical ethics at NYU's Langone Medical Center — talked about First Lady Michelle Obama's push to make school lunches healthier.
  • Ever heard of Solyent Green? Would you give the pancake mix-like substance a shot? Jim and Margery asked listeners whether they're ready to abandon food for a healthy goo that delivers all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Joe Avellone, candidate for Massachusetts governor, stopped back to talk about education, casinos and the upcoming Democratic state convention.
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam talked about the publishing juggernaut, and the upcoming World Cup phenomenon. Beam is the author of American Crucifixion.
  • Jonathon Alsop talked about powdered alcohol and how music affects our tastebuds. Alsop is the author of Wine Lovers Devotional.

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