12:19 pm
Mon December 31, 2012

The Best of 2012's 'Best of' Lists

Election night was one of our favorite stories of 2012.
Credit Meredith Nierman / WGBH

So you're not tired of "Best of 2012" and "Year in Review" lists yet? Glad to hear it!

Click through the slideshow below to take a look at the best of our year end articles — make sure you use the zoom buttons on the right side of the screen to see the whole picture. We've even included a few non-WGBH lists that we wish we could have made ourselves.

It's that time of year for list-making and reflection, so we thought we'd get a little meta and create a list of our favorite lists. Here goes:

  • The best words of the year: We're word nerds — and that shouldn't be surprising. Our Boston Public Radio staff spent some time with Miriam Webster dictionary's editor, Peter Sokolowski, to brainstorm the best words that describe 2012
    >>The Words That Defined 2012 (WGBH News)
  • Best cook books: Isn't 'cooking more' always a New Year's resolution staple? Here's a handy guide that might help you get stirring in the kitchen.
    >>The Best Cook Books of 2012 (WGBH News)
  • Odd animal happenings: Wildlife and people mingling could have been a bear this year, but it seems that there were relatively few catastrophes.
    >>Cape Cod Bear Among Odd New England News (AP)
  • Best albums: The Boston Globe's very comprehensive list on all things music. Featuring the likes of Norah Jones, Frank Ocean and others.
    Read on: "Our picks for the year’s best albums come from the tip-top of the charts and the very edges of the underground, representing rock, folk, electronic, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, classical, world music, and all the hybrids in between."
    >>Best albums of 2012 (The Boston Globe)
  • Best books in general: We talked to local authors and book-sellers who shared their favorite books of the year.
    >>Greater Boston's Picks: Best Books of 2012 (WGBH News)
  • A year in film: "American history has gotten the tinsel town treatment, from the Civil War in Lincoln to slavery in Django Unchained and to the War on Terror in Zero Dark Thirty."
    >>A Year In Film (WGBH News)