Jared Bowen

Executive Editor/Host Arts, WGBH Boston

Jared Bowen is WGBH’s Emmy Award-winning Executive Editor and Host for Arts. His weekly television series Open Studio with Jared Bowen takes viewers inside the creative process, offering a blend of profiles, performances, and contemporary exhibitions by artists in Greater Boston, New England, and across the country. 

Jared is a regular contributor to WGBH’s TV series Greater Boston with Emily Rooney and is heard on 89.7 WGBH’s mid-day program, Boston Public Radio, and during the station’s broadcasts of Morning Edition, covering everything from breaking news to the local arts and culture scene.

He has produced five news documentaries for WGBH as well as the first three seasons of the public media company’s Eye on Education initiative. A 2013 recipient of the distinguished Commonwealth Award honoring exceptional accomplishment in the arts, humanities, and sciences, Jared is a member of the Boston Theater Critics Association, recognizing achievement in Boston theater. He serves on the Board of Governors for the Boston/New England Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and is a guest contributor to Boston Common magazine.

A graduate of Emerson College, where he won several Associated Press Awards, Jared began his career at Dateline NBC.


Local News
8:49 pm
Tue April 15, 2014

'We respond. We endure… We own the finish line!'

Vice President Joe Biden reminded Boston "we are strong" today at the Hynes Convention Center for a memorial to the victims of last year's bombing.
Credit WGBH

Yesterday there was the collective exhale in Boston. It was the day marking the end of one year of shock, anguish and recovery. The day was, as the Reverend Liz Walker explained, a rising.

“Up from the deep, out of the shadows, through the sting and darkness of death; from the shock of the blow and the recoil from the horror, there is a rising,” she declared to some 2500 people packed into the Hynes convention center this afternoon for a marathon memorial.

The event was titled The Tribute--to the victims, to the responders, to the survivors.

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11:05 am
Thu April 10, 2014

Arts This Week: Expressing Our History, Ourselves

James Fluhr in Our Lady
Credit New Repertory Theatre

Here are four very distinct ways to contemplate expressions of passion and beauty within a historical context, from artful metal craft that went with men into battle, to life for Cubans in exile, to understanding what mattered to classical composers or, more recently, how one gay man's encounters with hatred taught him to embrace himself when nobody else would. 

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10:49 am
Thu April 3, 2014

Arts This Week: Heartbeat Of Home, Matelli Exhibit, Rich Girl

Cast of Heartbeat of Home
Credit www.facebook.com/HeartbeatofHome

Following up twenty years after Riverdance stole the hearts of audiences, a new generation of phenomenal dancers returns the beat with a celebration of dance worldwide. In addition to traditional Irish step dancing, you'll be mesmerized by Salsa, Tango and beautiful staging. 

Heartbeat of Home, Plays at the Citi Wang Theatre through April 6th.

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3:38 pm
Mon March 31, 2014

The Underbelly Of Art Forgery On Display At Springfield Museums

Is this the real Girl With A Pearl Earring painted by Johannes Vermeer? Or a fake one, painted by convicted forger John Myatt? Read this article to find out.
Credit via Michele & Donald D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts

Forgeries in fine art have existed about as long as art itself. They’re notorious, convincing, and lucrative – and they're an unseemly little secret kept under wraps by museums and art dealers. 

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8:51 am
Thu March 27, 2014

Arts This Week: Intent To Deceive, 'Hello Again' And Cesar Chavez

“In prison, they called me Picasso.” —John Myatt
Credit Courtesy of Washington Green Fine Art

How can you be sure the art you view on museum walls is genuine? After visiting an extensive exhibit in Springfield, where forgeries and originals are juxtaposed, it becomes clear that you really can't distinguish. Hear more about this audacious exhibit below and see more about it Friday night on Open Studio.

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Local News
3:38 pm
Wed March 26, 2014

Two Firefighters Killed In Massive Back Bay Blaze

Boston Fire Department

[UPDATE: 8:17PM] Two firefighters were killed in a fire that ripped through a Bay Back townhouse on Wednesday afternoon. 

Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh, Jr., 43, of West Roxbury and Michael R. Kennedy, 33, of Hyde Park, were both of Engine 33 on Boylston St., Boston Fire Department spokesman Stephen MacDonald said.  

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9:50 am
Thu March 20, 2014

Arts This Week: Rigoletto, The Whale and Gallery Street Views

Scene from the BLO's Rigoletto
Credit Eric Antoniou

Change your plans for this weekend. The Boston Lyric Opera's Rigoletto is a don’t miss production—superb direction and sublime performances by baritone Michael Mayes as Rigoletto and soprano Nadine Sierra as Gilda.

Rigoletto, Presented by Boston Lyric Opera, it plays at the Citi Shubert Theatre through Sunday, March 23rd.

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11:19 am
Thu March 13, 2014

Arts This Week: Chekhov, Cave, Kentridge & Speed

Kate Burton as Arkadina and Marc Vietor as Dorn
Credit T. Charles Erickson

A sure bet for theater goers this weekend is seeing the lovely actress Kate Burton in Chekhov's play The Seagull, presented by the Huntington.  For museum goers, explore new art made from old objects and explore time with video as the medium with two great exhibits installed at the ICA. 

The Seagull, Presented by the Huntington Theatre Company, it plays at their B.U. Theatre through April 6th

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9:39 am
Thu March 6, 2014

Arts This Week: The Flick, BSO and Belmont Film Fest

Set of The Flick
Credit Playwrights Horizons


The Flick, Presented by Company One Theatre with Suffolk University, it plays at the Modern Theatre through March 15th

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11:15 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

Arts This Week: Say It With Dance And Song

The Boston Ballet performs Close to Chuck
Credit Liza Voll

When we might be at a loss to find the words for friendship, determination, dreams, love or even a desire for justice, we discover that a subtle gesture or the power of song might express our sentiments exactly.

Close to Chuck: presented by Boston Ballet, playing through March 2nd at the Boston Opera House

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8:40 am
Thu February 20, 2014

Arts This Week: Life As A Circus

From the Ground Up
Credit CircusOz on Instagram

Circus Oz: playing at the Citi Shubert Theatre through Feb. 23

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11:20 am
Thu February 13, 2014

Arts This Week: Asking Big Questions

Dancers in Witness Uganda
Credit A.R.T.

Director Diane Paulus told me that among her considerations as she stages a play is what the audience will get from the effort. "For me," she said, "it’s always about, 'have we asked a big enough question?'"  The same consideration is obvious in the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre presentation, looking closely at aging and dementia, and also present in the very real discussions about museums, taking place at the Boston Athenaeum. 

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8:17 am
Thu February 6, 2014

Arts This Week: Rockin’ & Rollin’, Movin’ & Shakin’

"The Swine Flew" by David Lang
Credit Fuller Craft Museum

Think about movement as an element of art, and see how it plays out in kinetic sculpture, or as a platform for change in the civil rights era.

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7:29 am
Thu January 30, 2014

Arts This Week: Alison Saar At MassArt

Alison Saar, Rouse. 2002, Wood and Bronze.
Credit Chris Warner

I devoted much of my arts attention this week to the "DIY analysis," of Alison Saar. That's how she described her work to me during our interview. There are many, many layers of thought here for us to explore. Also, I report back from the first of three big conversations on the future of museums, held at the Boston Athenaeum.

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11:35 am
Thu January 23, 2014

Arts This Week: New Yet Familiar

In the deCordova Biennial: Jonathan Calm, Community (after Pruitt-Igoe Housing, St. Louis, MO), 2013; Scudder Towers Down (after Scudder Homes, Newark, NJ), 2013. Courtesy of the artist.
Credit Clements Photography and Design, Boston.

Whether you choose to browse through the displays from New England's upcoming artists, listen to the stories of average working Americans, or experience familiar classical music retooled into pulsing club music, there is a way for you see the world and its art through someone else's eyes this weekend.

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2:25 am
Thu January 16, 2014

Arts This Week: Best in Film, New to Stage

Crystin Gilmore, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Valerie Houston, Anich D'Jae, Jared Dixon, David Jiles, Jr., Cliff Odle, and Lovely Hoffman in The Color Purple.
Credit Glenn Perry Photography

Just as it's time to review the best Hollywood gave us in 2013, we can look to the stages in Boston for some great live performances.

Oscar Nominations 2014
The nominations have just been released. We'll discuss my expectations for these end-of-2013 films:

12 Years A Slave
August: Osage County
The Wolf of Wall Street
American Hustle

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10:33 am
Thu January 9, 2014

Arts this Week: Not the Usual

Joel Colodner as Solomon Galkin and Jeremiah Kissel as Bernard Madoff
Credit Andrew Brilliant / Brilliant Pictures

We all know that Bernie Madoff swindled a lot of people from their savings, but now you can sit with a fictional Madoff and hear him talk out his philosophy. Top that with fashion that isn't concerned with a Western concept of "sexy", Dublin tunes to fall in love by and a less-than-perfect family from the Midwest.

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1:50 am
Thu December 26, 2013

Reflecting Upon The Year In Local Art

Jared in studio with cast members from The Glass Menagerie
Credit Meredith Nierman

The Boston metro region is a place saturated with art of all kinds, and in 2013 we saw the arts community become a force that expresses itself, unifies the local art world and repeatedly launches local talent onto a national stage. Here are just a few of many noteworthy moments to recognize as 2013 comes to an end:

Boston Arts on a national stage: Boston Ballet's summer world tour receives raves; The A.R.T. sends

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2:17 am
Thu December 19, 2013

Arts This Week: Theater and Film

Heart of Robin Hood
Credit American Repertory Theater

The Heart of Robin Hood presented by the A.R.T., plays at the Loeb Drama Center through January 19th. The notorious Robin Hood and his band of outlaws steal from the rich, but they do not share their spoils with the poor and are unloved by the people, who must also pay unfair taxes to the evil Prince John as he plots to steal his brother's crown.

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12:18 pm
Thu December 12, 2013

Arts This Week: Finding What's Missing

Last Seen by Sophie Calle
Credit Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

An artist fills an empty frame with memory, a filmmaker fills a hole in his heart with a story, a man makes a quest to find his dreams and a mother searches for her first born. Below are such unique examples of how art reveals our longing for wholeness.

Last Seen by Sophie Calle, on view at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum through March 3rd

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9:08 am
Thu December 5, 2013

Arts This Week: Happy For The Holidays

Sirena Irwin as Lucy Ricardo and Bill Mendieta as Ricky Ricardo in the national tour of I Love Lucy Live on Stage.

These live performances are sure to bring some laughter and light to your holiday season.

I Love Lucy Live On Stage, presented by Broadway in Boston, runs through December 22nd at the Colonial Theatre.

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Local News
6:37 pm
Tue December 3, 2013

Sophie Calle, The Gardner Heist, And Absence

The Gardner museum is presenting a new exhibit reflecting on their absence and their value. 

12:01 pm
Thu November 21, 2013

Arts This Week: All in the Family

Richard Poe, Maureen Anderman, James Waterston, and Pamela J. Gray in The Cocktail Hour.
Credit T. Charles Erickson

The Cocktail Hour, presented by the Huntington Theatre Company, plays at the BU Theatre through December 15th.

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11:39 am
Thu November 14, 2013

Arts This Week: Looking Back

THE VISION OF SAINT JEROME, Follower of Caravaggio, First half of the 17th century, possibly Italian, Oil on canvas, Austin S. Garver Fund, 1960.13
Credit Worcester Art Museum

Time travel with several art exhibits this week, starting with photography from a young woman's point of view in the 1960s, to experiencing first hand a colonial meal in the New World to masters' paintings that depict life in the old world. 

Vivian Maier: A Woman's Lens, on view at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University through December 18th.

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4:54 pm
Thu November 7, 2013

Art World Favorite Amy Sillman's First-Ever Retrospective At The ICA

Williamsburg Portraits, 1991-92, Ink, gouache and pencil on paper. 32 drawings, each: 11 x 8 inches.
Credit Courtesy of the artist and Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

The Brooklyn artist Amy Sillman is acclaimed in art circles for her point of view, for her use of the line and for the way she’s brought attention and enthusiasm back to painting itself.

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11:46 pm
Wed November 6, 2013

Arts This Week: Revisiting The Canon

From the national tour of We Will Rock You
Credit Paul Kolnik

There is Art, and then there is the art that becomes part of our collective understanding and endures. Names lake Beethoven, Handel, Beckett, Vonnegut and Queen need little explanation, nor is their work unfamiliar. See new generations present their own interpretations of the classics.

Boston Baroque kicks off its 40th season with Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 this Friday and Saturday at 8pm in Jordan Hall. Then in December, Boston Baroque performs Handel's Messiah, also in Jordan Hall.

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6:09 pm
Wed November 6, 2013

Reclusive Nanny's Found Photographs On Display At Brandeis

Photographer Vivian Maier, in one of her self-portraits.
Credit Courtesy of Brandeis University

There were moments nearly every day- especially in the 1950s and '60s- that nanny Vivian Maier would disappear wherever she was living. In cities like New York and Chicago, she quietly photographed street scenes, children, and herself, and hardly anyone knew.

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3:03 pm
Tue November 5, 2013

'The Power Of Duff' Presents TV Anchor Who Ends Newscast With Prayer

"The Power of Duff" is a new play at the Huntington Theater Company about a news anchor, played by David Wilson Barnes, who starts including a prayer at the end of his newscasts. Actress Jennifer Westfeldt plays his co-anchor.
Credit Huntington Theatre Company

The new play The Power of Duff finds Charles Duff down and out. He’s a weathered, disenchanted anchorman at the third-rated station in a low television market.

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12:57 am
Thu October 31, 2013

Arts This Week: Life & Style

Amy Sillman, Me & Ugly Mountain, 2003
Credit John Berens / Collection of Jerome and Ellen Stern

Amy Sillman describes her artistic process as one divided between a clean room and a dirty room. One is for planning, one for painting. That sounds a lot like life, the details of which can provide inspiration for some of the best art. 

Amy Sillman: one lump or two, on view at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art through January 5, 2014.

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6:01 pm
Wed October 23, 2013

Arts This Week: What's In A Name

David Wilson Barnes in The Power of Duff
Credit Huntington Theatre Company

Get a closer look at the details behind the names  Markova or Masterpiece with two new reads, plus reviews of a new play generating a lot of buzz in Boston and a film coming out Friday with much acclaim.   

The Power of Duff, presented by the Huntington Theatre Company, it plays at the Calderwood Pavilion through November 9th.

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