The Changing Catholic Church

WGBH News begins a series of original reporting about the Catholic Church, which faces an imminent change in leadership, as well as change in the demographics of its followers.

Greater Boston Video: Pope Sean O'Malley?

by Adam Reilly

Greater Boston's Adam Reilly ventured out to see how some Boston Catholics would respond to a Pope O'Malley.

Church Trying to Bring Lapsed Catholics Home

by Anne Mostue

Seventy-one percent of those interviewed in 2007 said they drifted away from the church because it wasn't meeting their spiritual needs. That's the target audience of Catholics Come Home.

Progressives, Conservatives Wrestle over Catholic Doctrine

by Phillip Martin

Whoever succeeds Benedict faces challenges that will impact New England's large Catholic community.

Past Popes and a Modern Precedent

by Ibby Caputo

Pope Benedict XVI joins a handful of his predecessors who resigned as leader of the Catholic Church. 

Local Churches' Bilingual Flocks Growing

by James Edwards

Walk into a parish, or check out its schedule, and you’re likely to see English services followed by ones in Spanish, or Congolese, or even Creole.

Greater Boston Video: Ray Flynn on Possibility of Pope from Boston

Ray Flynn imagines a pontiff from Boston in his novel, The Accidental Pope. So what does he make of reports it could really happen?

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