Boston Mayoral Race: Marty Walsh Vs. John Connolly

State Rep.

Marty Walsh


City Councilor

John Connolly

D-West Roxbury

On Election Night

Victory Sparks Jubilation At Walsh HQ

by Sarah Birnbaum

Walsh waited until 10:45 to make his victory speech. He said he was waiting for a call from President Barack Obama.

Campaign Represented 'Entire City Of Boston'

by Anne Mostue

Runner-up Connolly's campaign started even before Mayor Tom Menino announced he wouldn't run for re-election.

Five Key Issues

Where Marty Walsh Stands On 5 Key Issues

by Sarah Birnbaum

Walsh has spent six weeks repeating his message: 46-year-old son of Irish immigrants, blue collar roots, the child cancer survivor, and recovering alcoholic.

Where John Connolly Stands On 5 Key Issues

by Anne Mostue

Connolly has dined with business leaders in gilded hotel rooms, spoken in the basement of a baptist church, and introduced himself to people who had no idea who he was.

On Communities Of Color

Endorsements, Outreach Mark Efforts To Attract Communities Of Color

by Sarah Birnbaum

Walsh is banking on a slew of endorsements from the most popular and powerful minority politicians, from yesterday to today.

Connolly Reaches For Recognition And Respect In Communities Of Color

by Anne Mostue

Connolly has made at least 57 public appearances in Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, Hyde Park, Chinatown and East Boston.

Debating The Final Debate

by Adam Reilly & Peter Kadzis

WGBH News reporter Adam Reilly and contributing editor Peter Kadzis debate who did a better job in the final debate.

Final Boston Mayoral Debate Replay

If you missed it, watch the last debate between John Connolly and Marty Walsh before the November 5 election.

On Transportation

Marty Walsh On Improving Transit, Parking

by Sarah Birnbaum

Boston Mayoral candidate Marty Walsh has praised the Fairmount line, which he says presents an opportunity.

What Connolly Can And Can't Do

by Anne Mostue

Connolly wants to be the next mayor to unite residents via transportation improvements.

Debating The Second Debate

by Adam Reilly & Peter Kadzis

WGBH News reporter Adam Reilly and contributing editor Peter Kadzis debate who did a better job in the debate: Connolly or Walsh.

WGBH News Boston Mayoral Debate Replay

Moderated by Jim Braude & Margery Eagan

If you missed it, watch the debate between John Connolly and Marty Walsh at WGBH's studio in Brighton.

On Development

Walsh: I Won't Be As 'Hands-On' As Menino

by Sarah Birnbaum

With potato skins and mozzarella skins within reach, we spread out a map of Boston on a pool table.

Building Height Looms Large

by Anne Mostue

Spreading a map of Boston on the hood of his minivan, Connolly talked about the areas he’ wants developed.

On Education

A Closer Look At Walsh's Plans For Schools

by Sarah Birnbaum

Walsh would implement an online system that would alert parents and teachers when a child is at risk of dropping out.

Assessing Connolly's Plans For Education

by Anne Mostue

Connolly appears at ease with students, even more so than he’s been at recent press conferences and debates.

On Public Safety

Walsh Lays Out Plans For Fighting Crime

by Sarah Birnbaum

Walsh said combating street violence is a priority for him, pledging to take guns off the streets.

Connolly Connects Schools To Public Safety

by Anne Mostue

As a former public school teacher, Connolly is in favor of a program linking vocational students to community colleges.

Preliminary Victory Coverage

Walsh Comes Out On Top

by Sarah Birnbaum

The crowd chanted "Marty! Marty!" “Shipping Up to Boston” blared over the loudspeaker.

After Victory, Back To City Council

by Anne Mostue

After a few hours of sleep, John Connolly attended a Boston City Council meeting.