The Boston Marathon Bombings

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Survivor's Home Outfitted For Recovery

Life with a prosthetic leg is one thing. Life with a prosthetic leg in a third-floor walk-up is another.

Tourniquets To Be Distributed Along Boston Marathon Route

An MGH surgeon says last year’s crises could have been handled better if more people knew how to use tourniquets properly.

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The Business Of 'Boston Strong'

Adam Reilly takes a look at "cause marketing," and its effect on the marketing of "Boston Strong."


Lessons Learned From The Marathon Bombing

Boston University held a symposium on the bombing and its aftermath.


At Marathon Sports, Gearing Up For Another Run

The positive energy at Marathon Sports was in stark contrast to the chaos of a year ago.


Todashev Shooting: FBI Finding On Hold

Officials plan to review the case over the weekend and will make a final decision next week.


3,500 Officers, No Backpacks, No Coolers

MEMA announced its public safety plans for the 2014 Marathon, almost a year after the bombing.


Read The New Security Guidelines

If you're attending or running, check out the new do's and don't for the 2014 Boston Marathon.


Rethinking The Tsarnaev Manhunt

Watertown residents vented frustration over police and FBI tactics during the search for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


Allston Gym Owner Talks About Tsarnaevs, Todashev

The Tsarnaev brothers went to the gym three days before the bombing.


Lingering Questions Surround Watertown Shootout

WGBH News has been taking a closer look at the events of that memorable, deadly Friday in Cambridge and Watertown.


Watertown Manhunt Offers Lessons For Police

Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau views the shootout, lockdown and arrest as a case study rather than a model.


How Did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Elude Police For So Long?

Police from outside of Watertown had trouble navigating the neighborhood, described as a labyrinth of winding streets.


'Self-Deployment' May Have Confused Manhunt

A source says the situation was made worse by the arrival of police officers who showed up without being called.


Reconnecting With Roseann Sdoia

Roseann Sdoia lost her right leg from the second bomb that exploded at the Boston Marathon.


Tsarnaev Pleads Not Guilty

The left side of Tsarnaev’s face was swollen, his left arm was bandaged, and he sported a black eye.


Two Hours With Ruslan Tsarni

Phillip Martin talks to the uncle of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.


48 Days Later, Manhunt Resonates in Watertown

Gawkers still drive by to take pictures, seven weeks after the shootout.


Triple Murder Echoes Through Probe, Shooting Death

Investigators are trying to determine if unsolved triple murders in Waltham are linked to the bombing.


Ed Davis, 30 Days After Marathon Bombings

Davis talks unresolved questions about the investigation, and how this will change Boston.


Bombing, Manhunt Echo One Month Later

A sense of normalcy has returned to what was called the most complex crime scene in Boston’s history.


Boston Strong: Are We Merchandising Tragedy?

"Boston Strong" has been printed on everything from shirts and bumper stickers to candles and coffee.


Bombing Hearing Turns Focus on Surveillance Cameras

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis urged Congress to fund more surveillance.


Arrests Don't Stop UMass Dartmouth Graduation

UMass Dartmouth is boosting security and limiting the number of people who may attend graduation.


Dr. David Crandell on Greater Boston

Crandell talked about how bombing victims are coping physically and mentally with losing a limb.


BPD Didn't Have FBI Info On Tsarnaev

Gov. Deval Patrick said even if Boston Police had FBI information it wouldn’t have been enough.